A much needed solution for our health workers

We need to do more for our hospital workers than merely salute them or thank them. We need to provide them with the right tools to prevent Hospital Acquired Infections(HAI). One of the most important tools and part of the regular cleaning and disinfection cycle is the UVD Robot with a 99.99 Kill rate at a maximum distance of 10 feet with a 360-degree coverage of a room.

This is the only autonomous robot with UVC lights that have come out after 3 years of testing in labs as well as hospitals with proven efficacy, finally addressing the shadow effect. For people who think that investment this size is huge, please compare us against the competition in the world, and more important please compare the cost of a valuable human being – doctor, nurse, staff, or a patient. Is it really comparable?

Kudos to all the hospitals who have asked for trials and demos, as well as those who are moving forward in the procurement cycle. We are going to be adding more to the list as we go forward. Some refuse the loan of life to avoid the debt of death. Salutations to all those healthcare workers who have selflessly sacrificed their lives.

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