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Origin of Tech Power India Pvt. Limited

Suvira Group was founded in 2005 and in less than a decade consolidated an enviable position and recognition for its innovation and technological leadership in major growth sectors of the Indian economy, including Oil & Gas, Hospitality, Alternative Health Care and Water Treatment. It has rapidly grown under the leadership of Chairman Vikram Ghorpade to become a reputable and active player in this highly competitive market. Suvira have been at the forefront in project management consultancy, distribution, sales, marketing & promotions, in bringing groundbreaking technologies to India. The UVD Robots is being distributed in India through Tech Power India Pvt Ltd which is a part of the Suvira Group.

Vikram Ghorpade, Chairman

Vikram Ghorpade represents the younger generation of India’s entrepreneurs who places nation first in their business vision. As a result, he returned to India from the U.S. after leaving a very lucrative career working for the top 5 consulting firms in the US - Deloitte and Touche to set up the Suvira Group in the year 2005. Since, then he has been the driving force behind the group's growth strategy, business diversification & development activities. His passion for technology and finding pioneering solutions motivated him to research and find the best available technology to contain the Corona Virus transmission. This is when multiple international reports led him to the UVD Robots solution.

What is Tech Power India Private Limited

Tech Power India Private Limited is a 360 degree infection control company. We provide you an extensive coverage right from the general disinfection with our World award winning UVD Robots from Denmark, to cleaning your air with our Radic8 and Nano Efficiency Purification Systems(especially HVAC), treating your water especially STP and Chillers with Atlantium technology from Israel that has killed the deadly adenosine virus as well as takes care of bio growth, to taking care of every possible touch surface that can infect you, right from your elevator buttons to your commode cover through photocatalytic technology from Hungary called Resysten. We also do quality checks on how good your sanitation has been and advice you on remedial measures in terms of general risk practices.

We also educate you about what your options are and how you can optimize your spending. Lots of people have already bought thermometers, masks, sanitizers etc. We talk about what's really needed, and what's not, and at what cost, and how you can potentially earn back some of the money you may invest in some of the measures recommended. We always look at win-win situations.

Tech Power India Private Limited, headquartered in Mumbai, operates as a subsidiary of Suvira Group and is engaged in promoting cutting edge technologies as marketing, sales, project management and a distribution company

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a healthy, safe environment and prepare this country to fight against current global threats like the COVID-19, which is claiming thousands of innocent lives every day. We also intend to prepare the planet to ward off any such future pandemics. Our technologies UVD robot and Atlantium (hydro optic UV technology) have been developed after years of research and proven to eliminate micro-organisms present in air, water, and surface by breaking down the DNA of the bacteria. This helps in curtailing the spread of infectious diseases at the source of mutation and multiplication.


One thing we have learnt from the COVID 19 pandemic is that infection control is now a concern for everyone. Those days are long past when infection prevention was only a matter for hospital staff and healthcare professionals. The ongoing pandemic has put all our lives on hold, or has it? As we look forward to a world post SARSCOV2, the effective, efficient and environmentally friendly sanitization and disinfection process is an answer to keep going for all the businesses and organizations including corporate offices, airports, embassies, entertainment centers, shopping malls, hotels, retail industry, pharmacy, facility management and railways etc.

Our Team

Vaishnavi Mishra

Vaishnavi Mishra, Business Development Sr. Consultant at Tech Power India Pvt. Limited from past 6 months is a performance driven, energetic professional with a proven ability to be a team player, grasp quickly and absorb information. She is distinguished by her interpersonal skills, commitment towards work and knack for business. Ms. Vaishnavi holds a B.Tech degree in Petroleum engineering from Dehradun Institute of Technology and has a demonstrated history of working in the market research industry for almost 1.5 years.

Madhura Patkar

Madhura Patkar

Madhura Patkar, Accountant at Tech Power India Pvt Ltd since August 2020.Ms. Madhura is a hard-working, honest to her work. She prepares asset liability and capital accounts entries by computing and analysing account information. Ms. Madhura holds a Bachelor of Commerce and chartered Accountant Inter degree in Commerce field.

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