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Nanotech Air Conditioner Filter

The Nanotech Air conditioner filter is essentially a combination of a special filtration material coated with nano coating activated by UV. When the cooled air passes through this special filter, viruses including the novel coronavirus and harmful bacteria are effectively neutralised. Ensuring that the air passing into the cooled space is safe to breathe and does not spread infections like COVID-19, TB, chickenpox, or even the common cold and influenza, etc.

Based on 5 IN 1 Technology

5 in 1 Technology
Nanotech Air Conditioner Filter


  • Coating deactivates, microbes, bacteria, pathogens not just trapping them in the filter.
  • Able to capture PM2.5 particles.
  • Filter offers very low resistance (static pressure drop) to the air flow.
  • Has no adverse impact on airflow and cooling capacity.
  • Can be used in new as well as existing installed base units (retrofit).
  • 99.99% reduction of contaminants.
  • Highly reduces VOC emissions.
  • All natural,eco-friendly.
Nanotech Air Conditioner Filter


  • Remove and clean plastic mesh screens.
  • Place coated filters vertically onto the center of the plastic mesh screens. Don’t allow gaps on each side.
  • Use the double faced adhesive tape to attach the filters to the mesh screens.Cut of extra filter from the side.
  • Install the plastic mesh screens with coated filters back into the air conditioner.
  • Washable upto 10 times only.
  • Change filter every 1-3 months for best results.
  • For more assistance contact us.
  • Nanotech Air Conditioner Filter For 1 Ton AC

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    Nanotech Air Conditioner Filter For 1.5 Ton AC

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    Nanotech Air Conditioner Filter For 2 Ton AC

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