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Atlantium Technologies was founded in the year 2003 and is headquartered in Israel. The company’s objective is to develop nature-friendly water treatment technologies that can leave a positive impact on people’s health and can contribute in building a healthy ecosystem. Atlantium UV Water Purifier System provides pioneering Hydro-OpticTM (HOD) Ultra Violet solution to ensure water safety, which works on the principle of UV to offer effective deactivation of viruses, protozoa and bacteria.

Atlantium has worked alongside multiple tier-one companies across the ballast, food, general industry, municipal, aquaculture, biopharma, hydro and power market on account of the unique operational advantages of the HOD UV Technology. The company has installed more than 2000 commercial UV water purifier systems globally and around 150 in India.

Hydro optic disinfection systems for hospitals

ENHANCED Hydro-OpticTM (HOD) UV Light

HOD UV systems present the unique Total Internal Reflection (TIR) technology that ensures homogenous UV dose distribution, recycles UV light energy, and provides superior power (kW) efficiency compared to traditional UV. The ultraviolet water purifier inactivates the water borne pathogens, virus and bacteria by damaging their DNA, hence inhibiting it from replicating, to ensure safe & pure water supply for your residential, commercial complexes and offices. That denotes any trace of COVID-19 will no longer be in water once it is treated through this technology.

Atlantium - Ultraviolet Water Purifier System

Atlantium’s cost-effective and environmentally-friendly UV solution provides chemical- free water disinfection/treatment, with small footprint and low maintenance. Integrated user-friendly software and automatic real-time monitoring & control ensure safe water all the time.Atlantium solution provides Hydro optic disinfection systems for hospitals that can leave a positive impact on people’s health.

Major Benefits

  • Same & even higher efficiency like any other solution in the market – including Algae, Mussels & Iron Bacteria (MIC)
  • No issue with discharge the water with the chemicals – no need for deactivate the chemicals
  • No corrosion or chemical side effects
  • A one-time –investment, low OPEX/CAPEX
  • “Regulator free” – long term solution
  • Adjustable and proactive solution

Prominent Features

  • Equipped with an internal quartz sleeve which reflects light inside the chamber so that water at all points inside the chamber is irradiated at the same intensity.
  • Medium pressure high-intensity HOD UV lamps enable fewer UV lamps per system
  • UV lamps offer a broad germicidal spectrum of polychromatic UV light (200-415 nm)
  • Lamps are protected by a quartz sleeve 5 times thicker than conventional quartz sleeves
  • Significantly reduced lamp-related maintenance
  • Easy & lamp replacement, does not require emptying of the water lines or depressurization
ultraviolet water purifier sterilizer

Real-Time Lamp Performance Monitoring

  • Dedicated UV sensor for each HOD UV lamp (feature unique to HOD UV technology)
  • Continuously monitors HOD UV lamp output
  • Ensures delivery of required UV dose at all times
commercial uv water purifier system

Advanced Control Systems

  • Continuously displays UVT, flow, power and UV dose
  • Provides real-time data on operation and efficacy
  • Features built-in data logging, up to six months
  • Integrates with the control SCADA system
  • Easy integration with the control SCADA system
  • Customized with user settings for alarm signals
Atlantium UV Water Purifier System

Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring

  • Integrated UV transmittance (UVT) sensor on each HOD UV system
  • Continuously monitors UVT%
  • Optimizes system performance for actual, not estimated, UVT% levels

Need of the Hour & Foreseeable Future

When faced with a pandemic such as SARS-CoV-2, timely risk assessment and actions are required to prevent the spread of the virus. Additionally, these circumstances highlight the crucial importance of water and wastewater treatment facilities to consider enhancing their treatment processes.Ultraviolet water purifier sterilizer provides continuous and permanent virus control.

A validated UV technology, such as the Atlantium’s HOD UV with 4-log virus inactivation is a viable non chemical treatment option for utilities and commercial facilities looking to protect their water sources from SARS-CoV-2. UV provides inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 without the reliance on chemical disinfectants and their associated risks (e.g., safety, storage, chain of supply, handling, and formation of carcinogenic disinfection byproducts).

Certifications & Validations

According to the U.S. EPA guidelines Atlantium’s media pressure Hydro-OpticTM (HOD) validated to a 4-log virus reduction with real Adenovirus, not a surrogate, to effectively mitigate SARS-CoV-2 in water. In addition, the technology is field proven & meets highest regulatory standards for NVI, FDA, and PMO with accredited validation for 5-log microbial inactivation.

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