Hungarian startup Resysten, founded in 2014, produces a photocatalytic anti-bacterial coating for surfaces that, once applied, offers up to a year of protection. The company’s product were already in use in hospitals, on the public transit systems and in the private sector such as the food industry in Hungary, but the current pandemic has sped up interest abroad. Also, the Hungarian government has appointed Resysten as its strategic partner in the fight against the pandemic. Tech Power India Pvt. Limited serves as the exclusive distributor for Resysten in India and the Middle East.

The most advanced photocatalytic hygienic coating technology

Resysten is a photocatalytic coating system based on a uniquely developed chemical solution. Light gives the ResystenTM coating photocatalytic properties, which means that light helps neutralize harmful substances in the environment. The coating system integrates into the surface on a molecular level therefore it cannot be removed by conventional cleaning methods and remains active continuously for up to 1 year. These two unique properties of our system result in a surface, which keeps its long-term continuous effect, protecting the users and the environment from contamination.

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Key Features

All natural, eco-friendly

The Resysten® Coating only contains environmentally friendly and natural components

For the highest demands

Eradicates pathogens due to its photocatalytic effect, even in the most affected areas, such as hospitals, hotels, spas, public transportation, etc.

Maximum protection

99.99% reduction of contaminations on lab test surfaces (official laboratory certified results)

Immediately usable

It takes an average 3-10 minutes for the Resysten coating to settle and dry on the surface.

For any surface

Applicable on any surface, including wood, glass, plastic, textile, rubber, paper, stone, etc.

VOC reduction

Highly reduces VOC emission (eg. Ammonia), and NH3, N2O, CO2, CH4 as well.

Major Benefits

  • 85-93% less pathogens on the treated surfaces
  • Flexible usability : Applicable on any type of surface without changing any attributes of the treated material
  • The altered molecule structure of WhiteTitanTM builds into the surface on a molecular level.
  • The coating cannot be wiped off, the treated area can be cleaned with alcohol based, alkalescent or acidic detergents or even fast acting disinfectants.
  • Odourless restrooms provides long-term protection against airborne odors and contaminants.
  • Long lasting vs fast ageing / ineffective effects of chemicals.
  • Easier to reach an enhanced level of OSHA’s requirements (Directive 89/391/EEC – OSH)
  • Improvement of air quality
  • CSR benefits
  • Green solution: Non-biocidal substance, Strictly environment friendly

Application method

Our special spraying technology is able to provide uniformly distributed coating, which is invisible to the naked eye. Application of the treatment is done in multiple layers. Choosing the right composition is planned by our engineers, according to the requirements. The treatment of 1000m2 takes about 5-8 hours without preparation, drying time is around 15-30 minutes between the layers and at the end.

Spraying technology and capacity

Our spraying solution is based on HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) technology provided by a world market leading manufacturer (BINKS). Over the last 4 years we optimized the setup for our material with special vaporizers and atomizers to have a reliable system to provide efficient and durable coating.

We have several sets of equipment prepared ready to use, with a daily 1500-3000 spraying capacity for each set. Every set needs to have a team of three people to work with.

Quality control

The certified ATP test is efficient and shows results quickly using on-screen displays. We use state-of-the-art equipment in all our laboratory analyses. The test involves measuring the bioluminescence of the test sample. The ATP’s reaction with the enzyme luciferase produces light, which can be measured by a luminometer. The amount of light shows the extent of living microorganisms in the test sample.

We offer our solutions not only as a one-time treatment but as continuous services as well. During the contracted period we guarantee a safe, hygienic environment. Our services comply with the ISO framework.

Possibilities of Use

  • On public transport and their service premises
  • In public spaces (office buildings, concert halls, theaters, libraries, etc.)
  • In health care institutions (hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, etc.)
  • In educational institutions (schools, kindergartens, nurseries)
  • In agricultural facilities
  • In processing plants
  • During production, on machines, products

It can therefore be used in all areas where a clean, infection-free environment is a key issue and where this needs to be ensured on an ongoing basis in a controllable manner. A prerequisite is general cleaning of the surface, removal of grease, dust and chemicals. The coating is invisibly incorporated into the surface at the molecular level.

What can you protect with Resysten?




Public Washrooms

1. Type of Treatment Photocatalytic Coating
2. Longevity of Treatment 1 Year
3. Effectiveness ★★★★★
4. Certified Staff
5. Application on all types of Surface
6. Abrasive Testing
7. Repeated audit per month


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